Basic Requirements for Blood Donation

In screening of donors, the Pró-Sangue Foundation complies with national and international standards such as the standards of the Ministry of Health, the American Association and the European Council of Blood Banks. The high accuracy in compliance with these rules aims to provide security and protection to the receiver and the donor.

Below are listed the basic requirements and some of the major impediments to temporary and permanent blood donation. However, this list does not exhaust the reasons for impediments to donation, so that other information provided by you during the clinical trial will be considered to determine whether you are eligible to donate blood at the time.

Bull Basic Requirements

  • » The donor must be in good health.

  • » The donor must be between 16 and 69 years old. Since the first donation has been made until 60 years of age (under 18 years of age: click to see required documents and authorization form).

  • » The donor must weigh at least 50kg.

  • » The donor should be rested (the donor must have slept at least 6 hours in the last 24 hours).

  • » The donor must be fed (the donor should avoid greasy food within 4 hours prior to donation).

  • » The donor must submit original photo ID issued by a Government Official Organ (Identity Card, Identity Card of Liberal Professional and Social Security).

Bull Temporary Impediments

  • » Cold: the donor that had a cold must wait seven days after symptoms disappear.

  • » Pregnancy.

  • » 90 days after natural childbirth and 180 days after cesarean section.

  • » Breastfeeding (if the birth occurred less than 12 months).

  • » Drinking alcohol in the 12 hours prior to donation.

  • » Tattoo in the past 12 months.

  • » Situations in which there is greater risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases: the donor must wait 12 months.

  • » Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Rondônia, Roraima, Maranhão, Mato Grosso, Pará and Tocantins are States where there is high prevalence of malaria. The donor who was in these sSates, you must wait 12 months.

Bull Definitive Impediments

  • » The donor had hepatitis after the age of 11. *

  • » The donor who has clinical or laboratory evidence of the following blood borne infectious diseases: Hepatitis B and C, AIDS (HIV), diseases associated with HTLV-I and II viroses, Chagas disease.

  • » Use of injectable illicit drugs.

  • » Malaria.

  • * Hepatitis after the 11th birthday: Final Rejection of the donor; Hepatitis B or C after or before age 10: Final Rejection of the donor; Drug induced hepatitis: the donor will be fit after curing and after being clinically evaluated; Viral hepatitis (A): after age 11, if the donor brings the examination of the diagnosis, the donor will be assessed by the triage doctor.

Check other impediments to donation at this link: "Who cannot donate".

Bull Respect intervals for donation

  • » Men - 60 days (maximum of 04 grants in the past 12 months).

  • » Women - 90 days (maximum of 03 grants in the past 12 months).

Honesty also saves lives. By donating blood, be sincere in the interview.

* Pró-Sangue worries about the safety of children. If any of them come with you on the day of donation, bring an adult to accompany the child.


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