The main partner of the Pró-Sangue Foundation is its blood donation. The one who, through this gesture of solidarity and of citizenship, helps to save lives.

Beside of these special people, also stands out as an important partner of the institution all the social or business segment that in some way, contributes to the increase of blood donation. In this sense, one can say that the Pró-Sangue Foundation has partners in community associations, in the business sector, in sport, as well as in the media (newspapers, radio and TV), artistic, academic and religious. Without mentioning the participation of people who put their knowledge, skills and talent at the service of the cause.


Media: newspaper, radio and TV

Follow the daily life of the institution, diligent to the level of blood stocks, encouraging the population to donate in critical periods. Some, however, more engaged, deepen their involvement, becoming true examples of solidarity and citizenship.


Publicity Agency

Throughout its existence, the Pró-Sangue Foundation has found precious contributions in this segment, being worthy of highlight campaigns such as:

  • "Donate Blood and Pass the Ball to a Friend". Posters, leaflets, banner, direct mailing, ads, flick and spot. Agency Publicis Brasil - 2011

  • "Balloon". Posters, leaflets and banner. Agency Agevole - 2010

  • "Donor's Medal". Posters, leaflets and banner - 2009

  • "Donate Blood. Be Happy". Posters, leaflets and banner. Agency Agevole - 2007

  • "Prove your blood do pass by your heart. Donate". Posters, leaflets and direct mailing. Agency Colucci - 2006

  • Pró-Sangue 20 years. It has developed a campaign, the direct mailing sent to the donors and the website. Agency ESPM - 2004

  • Project Donors of Tomorrow. Desenvolveu a campanha, as malas diretas enviadas aos doadores e o site. Agência ESPM ? 2004

  • "The Place of Blood is not in the Stadiums". Announcement. Agency Publicis Norton - 2002

  • "When Blood is missing is the Same Thing". Announcement. Agency Publicis Norton – 2002

  • "Today is the day of who does know the meaning of the word Donate. May 12th: Everyone who has got heart of mother's day". Agency Publicis Norton - 2002

  • "The Place of Blood is not in the Street". Tribute to the São Paulo City's anniversary, published for free in Gazeta Mercantil newspaper. Agency Publicis Norton – 2002

  • "Today is Day of Salvation Army". Tribute to the National Day of Voluntary Blood Donor, provided free in the magazines Época, Isto É, Gente and Folha Magazine. Agency Publicis Norton – 2001

  • "Who donates blood donates life". Agency Publicis Norton - 2001

  • "Show that You Have Got a Good Heart". Agency Publicis Norton - 2008

  • "Woman in the Life's Factory". Agency Nestlé - 1998

  • "Super Heroes". Won the bronze medal of the award Printed Media of the Year, by Criação Magazine Agency DPZ - 1998

  • "Doe sangue: com um pequeno gesto você salva uma vida". Composta por filme para TV, outdoors, anúncios para revista e folhetos. Agência Fisher & Justus ? 1994

  • "Donate blood: many lives are hanging by a thread". Agency Positiva Propaganda e Marketing - 1994

  • "Get ready to see a horror film without a drop of blood. Help the blood bank of the Clínicas Hospital to make many love stories. With a lot of blood". Agency Demasi Comunicações - 1992


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