Care Post-Donation

1. Before leaving the blood bank, remain seated for at least 15 minutes. Eat the snack offered.

2. Take extra amounts of fluids in the first 24 hours after donation. This will help in restoring the lost volume. This is particularly important in the first 4 hours after donation.

3. Avoid strenuous exercise for 12 hours. This conduct prevents bleeding and helps in healing of the area where the needle was inserted. It also allows your body to adjust to the lost volume.

4. Keep the bandage on the area where the needle was inserted for at least 4 hours. If you notice that the area returned to bleed, apply pressure on the area for 2-5 minutes and then change the bandage, keeping it for another 4 hours.

5. If, after leaving the blood bank, you feel unwell, dizziness, weakness and feeling faint, sit anywhere and put your head between your knees and then lie down immediately on the floor with legs high. These measures prevent falls and increase circulation of blood to the head, rapidly relieving symptoms.

6. If you think there is a reason why his blood should not be used for transfusion and you could not, or would not tell, contact the Pró-Sangue Foundation immediately and request that your blood be discarded. Disposal will be completely confidential. This is of great importance for the safety of transfusion of blood that you donated and the patients who receive your blood.

After donating you must follow these guidelines:
» Remain at the Blood Bank for over 15 minutes to spare you feel bad about the donation;
» Keep the bandage on for at least four hours;
» Do not drink alcohol;
» Do not smoke for 2 hours;
» Avoid excessive physical exertion for 12 hours, especially with the arm used for donation;
» Drink plenty of fluids;
» If you are driving a vehicle or if you are transported on a motorcycle, immediately stop the vehicle in case of discomfort.

In case of fever, diarrhea or other symptoms of infectious disease until seven days after donation, immediately notify Pró-Sangue Foundation by calling 11-3061-5544 or 0800-55-0300 (extension 294 or 299).

You can also call us:
» If you have any symptoms or signs that judge be due to the donation;
» If you want to give us some additional information that could not or would not give during the interview on the day of donation.

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